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Remote Support Quick Start

Get started with Remote Support quickly using this Quick Start list.

To quickly and thoroughly configure GoToAssist to suit your organization's needs, see the following resources:

Note: For a more detailed online version of this content, please see our Remote Support Agent Quick Start Guide for Windows or Mac.

Get Started

To get started using GoToAssist, first sign up for an account and then sign in to the web app. If you have already completed this, then skip to Set Up and Organize Your Account.

Set Up and Organize Your Account

Setting up your new GoToAssist account includes creating device groups and adding users, as well as provisioning agent seats to users. See Understanding User Roles to learn more about the capabilities of each user role. If you have already set up these features, then skip to Use the Application and Features.

Use the Application and Features

Once your account is set up, get started with support sessions by logging in to the web app and hosting attended support sessions with customers, setting up unattended access and connecting to unattended support computers. If you already know how to do this, then skip to Explore GoToAssist Further.

Explore GoToAssist Further

Article last updated: 7 November, 2022