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Understanding User Roles

There are different types of GoToAssist users - from the agents who host support sessions to the customers who join them. Definitions of each user role is outlined below.

User Roles

For multi-user accounts (i.e., accounts with more than one agent), each user could hold one or more of the listed user roles. For single-user accounts, one user holds all the roles (i.e., the agent will also be the billing admin on the account and they will manage their settings within their account rather than the Admin Center).

  • Customer: These individuals join support sessions that are hosted by agents. Customers can join support sessions using almost any device, and they do not need an account with GoToAssist. Additionally, they do not have (or need) any log in information.
    • Windows customer - Customer joining from a Windows computer.
    • Mac customer - Customer joining from a Mac.
    • Android customer - Customer joining from an Android device.
  • Agent: This is the standard user role for a GoToAssist account. These users host support sessions, and can have access to many features and tools (e.g., unattended support sessions) depending on the permissions granted to them in their account. Agents are also required to have a GoToAssist account in order to log in to
  • Account Admin: These individuals are agents who also have a special privilege that allows them to log in to the Admin Center. There are 2 types of admin access, as follows:
    • Full access (i.e., Admin) - Allows the user to access all account privileges (i.e., add & delete users, device groups, and user groups, manage seats, and create reports).
    • Limited access (i.e., Manager) - Allows the user to access limited account privileges (listed above) and/or oversee specific groups to which they are assigned.
  • Billing Contact: These individuals are account admins who also have special privileges that allow them to change the account's subscription plan, modify the billing information, and manage other account settings. Only one account admin can also be the billing admin for any given GoToAssist account. Learn more.

User role comparison chart

Note: Some features listed below will dependent on your account admin access.

Feature Customers Agents Account Admins Billing Contacts
Account required
Join support sessions
Host support sessions
Manage personal settings
Add and manage other agents
Add and manage device and user groups
Manage account-wide settings
Change subscription plans
Change billing information
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022