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To offer our customers the best experience, GoTo is migrating Pro, Central, Hamachi, and customers to our new Identity Management Platform. This migration requires all users to reset their passwords. To learn more, please view our FAQs below.

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Request permission to annotate Request mouse control (remote control) Request presenter role (ask to show your screen) Use video - Turn on your webcam Participant keypad commands when dialing in by phone Organizer keypad commands when calling in by phone Share Mouse Control (Remote Control) Pass presenter role – Change who presents Remove Someone from a Meeting View the Participants of My Meeting Allow audio and/or video Use video - Turn on your webcam Mute audio Place participants on hold until you join Annotate: Pen, Highlighter, Laser Pointer Lock a meeting Add users Directory: Finding and meeting with teammates Resend or revoke a user invitation Feature Sets: Control how folks use Delete users Reports Custom Attributes: Organize your users Deploy the desktop app via MSI Toll-free audio: Admin guide Schedule a meeting – for Google Calendar Connect your iOS Calendar to Schedule a meeting – website Schedule a meeting – for Outlook Schedule a meeting - Office 365 Schedule a Meeting - for Google Calendar Share Recordings (Create a Link) Play recordings Edit or convert recordings Storage space for recordings Download Recordings Team recordings Record a meeting Use your own conference number Switch automatic screen sharing on/off Play a sound when someone joins a call Use a Personal Link Change Your Name (Profile) Update Personal background Can I show initials instead of emojis?


Allowlisting and Firewall Configuration Third-Party Provider IP Ranges for Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing Services Allowlisting for About security Is HIPAA compliant? Is GDPR compliant? Configure a firewall to allow VoIP Configure a firewall to allow video Set Up Multifactor Authentication on Your Own Account Using Okta with Using PingOne with API Using ADFS with for Slack Add a link to to a website for G Suite - Administrator Set-up Trello Power-Up for Using OneLogin with for Google Calendar requires new permissions Why can't I update Windows 10: Missing icons on the app Cannot start due to a missing file Why can't I start the meeting? Why am I having audio issues? Where is the Outlook plugin? Why can't I give mouse control? Error: This Copy of is Damaged iOS 9: Meeting Opens in Safari Why can't I share my screen or window? Configure a firewall to allow VoIP Configure a firewall to allow video Error: repeatedly tries to update Trouble with your App Store purchase? How do I contact Customer Support? How do I open files for sharing in on my iPhone/iPad? Can I use on a virtual desktop? Why does GoTo charge sales tax? Do I have to run as an administrator? (elevated privileges) Can I host multiple meetings at the same time? How does for iOS choose an audio source? Is there a time limit with Can I see who is talking? What is " helper tool" for Mac? Can others see my number in a conference call? Does play sounds from my computer? Helps Others Share Their Screen and/or Mouse Control Phishing Attempts! How to recognize email scams Reset Sample Whiteboard Files Use Siri to Start a Meeting Switch from Handset to Speakerphone (iPhone) International conference numbers Share Video Content via Back Up and Restore Your iPad/iPhoneup with Skype for Business (PDF)