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Welcome to GoToAssist!

    Service Desk Quick Start

    GoToAssist is a robust, cloud-based support solution that offers IT professionals an integrated suite of support tools that allow them to deliver amazing support to their own customers.

    Simple, fast and secure, GoToAssist is perfect for IT consultants, managed services providers, internal or external support teams, contact centers, and more. Seamlessly employ 2 distinct IT tools - Remote Support and/or Service Desk - from one integrated platform.

    Which modules are right for me?

    The GoToAssist product offers a suite of integrated modules that each provide a tailor-made solution for a different aspect of the customer-support process. Before you start configuring your new account, it can be helpful to think about what needs you are trying to meet.

    • Front-line support - Do you need to enable on-demand interaction between your customers and your IT team? Use the Remote Support module!
    • Incident management - Do you need to manage the recording, tracking, prioritization, and reuse of customer calls or issues? Try the Service Desk module!

    To configure and implement the account to best support your needs, it helps to first need to understand how the GoToAssist system operates. As shown below, it is made up of 1 cloud-based platform that can include one or both of the customizable modules.

    GoToAssist platform
    • GoToAssist web app: Sign in to the web app to access all of the features and tools of your account, as well as access the Admin Center.
    • Shared device groups: Categorize the users and control what features they can access on the assigned unattended computers (i.e., devices) by setting up device groups.
    • GoToAssist Expert desktop app: Download andamp; install the desktop application for Windows or Mac to host attended or unattended support sessions.
    • Admin Center Add users to the account and specify which device groups and modules they can access.
    • Shared account data: Share the devices, additional settings, configuration information and data between the integrated modules.
    • Module integrations: If both modules are included on an account, various other integrations may be available. See How do the modules interact together? for more information.
    • My Account: Manage your GoToAssist account settings through the My Account page (e.g., change your billing, personal, or login info, as well as manage your subscription plan, etc.).
    Remote Support module Service Desk module
    • GoToAssist desktop application: Download the GoToAssist desktop application to host support sessions with customers and access session tools.
    • Attended support: Host unlimited live support sessions with customers using the desktop application.
    • Unattended support: Set up access to customer's computers to provide on-demand support using the desktop application.
    • Mobile app: Download the free mobile app, which allows agents to provide on-the-go support from iOS or Android devices.
    • Incident management (ticketing): Easily log and track issues then manage incidents to quickly resolve customer issues.
    • Triggers and workflows: Intelligently route service desk records and assign appropriate priorities.
    • Customer portal and knowledge management: Customize a self-service portal to deliver knowledge where users need it and allow them to submit issues and feedback.The knowledge management tools let you share insights about your services (e.g., guides, FAQs).
    • Problem, change and release management: Proactively manage your IT services by systematically addressing repeating issues (problems), track infrastructure changes, then include them (alongside their related incidents) when planning, tracking and testing releases to ensure problem-free updates.
    • Impact assessment: Easily manage your configuration items, define their relationships and instantly find out what affects what - that's impact assessment you can count on. Quickly find those configuration items giving you pain - saving you time and money.

    How do the modules interact together?

    The GoToAssist modules are each designed for a specific business need. Where those needs overlap, GoToAssist offers powerful synergies. You can start with either one of the modules, or add multiple modules to your account to take advantage of our solutions.

    Remote Support + Service Desk
    • Resolve problems instantly by starting live Remote Support sessions with customers from within Service Desk incidents.
    • Improve record keeping and customer service by linking Remote Support sessions (including recordings and session notes) to Service Desk incidents.
    • Create new Service Desk incidents while in Remote Support sessions.

    Get started with Remote Support

    This is the essential service for your front-line IT support organization. Remote Support provides your IT agents and support staff with hands-on access to attended or unattended network devices from desktops or mobile devices. Your customers and IT staff can share screens and transfer files during a routine support call to facilitate agent troubleshooting, configuration, and problem resolution. In addition, a small resident application installed on unattended servers and computers enables agents to access or reboot a machine remotely whenever necessary. A customer support portal automatically connects customers who are experiencing issues to available agents. Support sessions can be tracked, recorded and managed to optimize your support delivery. For more information, please see the GoToAssist Remote Support Agent Quick Start Guides for Windows and Mac.

    Article last updated: 7 November, 2022