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Start Attended Support Sessions

Attended support sessions are those in which a customer is at their computer or on a mobile device to join the support session with the agent using a support key (i.e., the supported computer or mobile device is "attended" by the customer).

Agents can use the GoToAssist Expert desktop application to launch support sessions.

Note: Agents can host up to 8 sessions simultaneously per user account.

Start an attended support session

  1. Open the GoToAssist Expert desktop application in either of the following ways:
    • If the application is already installed
      • Windows- Right-click the GoToAssist Expert icon in the system tray.

        Note: If the GoToAssist Expert icon does not appear in your system tray (Windows), find the application on your computer, open it and log in with your GoToAssist email and password when prompted.

  • Mac - Find and launch the GoToAssist Expert desktop application, then use the Application menu in the top navigation to select Session > Start Support Session.

  • If the application is not yet installed, you will need to install the GoToAssist Expert desktop application for Windows or Mac.
  1. A new session and session key is ready to go when the application opens. Then invite the customer to the support session.
    Note: Support keys remain valid for up to 4 hours.

GoToAssist Viewer (Mac)

See Features Overviewfor more information about using session features. Agents can use the toolbar at the top of the window to do the following:

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022