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Use Collaborative Sessions (Invite to Session or Session Transfer)

GoToAssist Remote Support v4 allows multiple agents to join attended and unattended support sessions simultaneously, allowing all agents in the session to view and control the customer's screen, retrieve diagnostic information and chat with each other and the customer.

Invited agent(s) must have a GoToAssist Remote Support v4 agent seat and will be prompted to log in with their credentials when they join the support session, however, their seat is not required to be named on the same account as the agent whom invited them to join the session.

Note: The session collaboration feature is not supported when hosting or joining support session from an Android device. Additionally, it is recommended to allow no more than 4 agents per support session for optimal performance.

Invite agents to join a collaborative support session

  1. During an attended or unattended support session, click the Arrow icon at the bottom of the customer thumbnail in the agent Viewer toolbar.
  2. Select Invite Agents and choose the method for sending the invitation, as follows:
    • Copy Session URL - Copy the Session URL to the Office Clipboard. You can then provide it to the other agent(s).
    • Email Session URL - Open a new email with the Session URL and information already pre-populated. You can then send the email to the other agent(s).

  1. When other agents join and leave the session, a message temporarily appears in the agent Viewer to alert others and a Chat record is logged. See Leave or transfer a collaborative support session for next steps.

Leave or transfer a collaborative support session

When the original agent tries to leave a collaborative support session, they will be prompted to choose one of the following options:

  • End session - Select this option to end the session for yourself, the customer and all agents involved.
  • Leave - Select this option to only leave the support session yourself, but allow it to continue on without you.

Join a collaborative session

Note: Joining a collaborative session via an Android device is not supported. To join from an iOS device, please see Join a Collaborative Session as an Agent via iOS.

To join a collaborative session, agents can do either of the following from their desktop computer:

  • Click the Join URL as provided by the invited agents (e.g., via email).
  • On the agent desktop app, go to Session > Join Session, enter the 8-digit session code and click Join.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022