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Use the GoToAssist Expert Desktop App (Windows)

Agents can download and install the GoToAssist Expert desktop application for Windows to host attended and unattended support sessions with customers on their computer. Once installed, agents can launch the application to see the GoToAssist Viewer , where they can see the customer's screen and use the options in the Viewer toolbar.

Once the GoToAssist Expert desktop application is installed, it will automatically launch. The application is made up of 2 basic components:

Does your version look different? Please see instructions for using GoToAssist Remote Support v5.

Use the Viewer window

The Viewer window is the main application window of the GoToAssist Remote Support software. It features a persistent toolbar along the top of the application window that allows agents to use all the available session tools.

Agents can use the Viewer toolbar at the top of the window to do the following:

  • Start new sessions, or join existing sessions with other technicians (i.e., session collaboration), up to 8 sessions at a time
  • Set up new unattended access on a customer's computer, and connect to all of your existing unattended support computers.
  • Manage screen sharing to view and control the customers screen, share your own screen with the customer, and use other screen sharing tools such as zoom and screen blanking (Windows customers only).
  • Send the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" keyboard command to the customer's computer while in a support session.
  • Send files to the customer and retrieve files from their computer.
  • Retrieve system diagnostics about the customer's computer, then save and/or send the report.
  • Chat with the customer.
  • Create and save notes during the support session.
  • Link the support session with an existing Service Desk incident, or create a new one.
  • Access additional tools, including Drawing Tools, Reboot and Preferences.

For more information, please see our Features Overview.

Use the system-tray menu

The GoToAssist Expert desktop application also includes a GoToAssist Expert icon in the Windows system tray. Even when the Viewer is closed, as long as the GoToAssist Expert desktop application is running, this icon will be present. If it is not, try finding and launching the application to see it. Windows agents can right-click this application to access an additional menu, which includes the options listed below.

Features from the system tray menu

  • Start Support Session – Launch the Viewer window with a new support session ready to go.
  • View Unattended Support Computers – View your list of Unattended Support Computers and manage or connect to them.
  • Preferences – Use the Preferences options to determine how you want Remote Support to perform.
  • Check for Update – Agents can manually scan for new updates by selecting Check for Update. Please note that you must close all active sessions in order to select Check for Update, otherwise this option will be grayed out.

  • Help – Click Help to launch a web browser and open the Support Site.
  • About – Agents can get information about the desktop application and the GoToAssist account by selecting About. Resulting information includes the agent's email address, the application version and the status of the application.

  • Sign Out– Click Sign Out to manually log out of your account without exiting the agent desktop application.
  • Exit – Click Exit to completely close the GoToAssist Expert desktop application.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022