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Send "Ctrl-Alt-Del" Command

Access the Task Manager at the host computer.

The Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete tool is useful if you need to perform such tasks as logging in with different Windows credentials, locking the customer's machine or accessing the Task Manager. If you press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard while in session, the Logout dialog will be summoned on your own machine rather than on the customer's, but using the Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete tool will successfully bring up the Logout dialog on the customer's machine.

Note: This feature is only available when connected to a Windows computer.

Send "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" command to customer's computer

  1. During an attended or unattended support session, click the Ctrl-Alt-Del button in the Viewer toolbar.
  2. The Logout dialog will appear on your customer's machine (with Lock this Computer, Switch User, Log Off, Change a Password and Start Task Manager options). Make your selection as desired, or press Esc on your keyboard to cancel.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022