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Reboot and Reboot in Safe Mode

Sometimes it is necessary to shut down the customer's machine to aid with software installations, upgrades, or technical issues. You can use the reboot or reboot in safe mode to initiate a restart of the customer's computer and have it automatically reconnect to the same support session, preventing the customer from having to rejoin and download the software again.

Rebooting the customer's machine in safe mode restarts Window with a limited set of files, drivers and applications running. Safe mode can be used to trouble shoot issues with programs that aren't starting or running correctly. Learn more about starting Windows in safe mode.

Note: This feature is not available for Mac experts.

Reboot the customer's computer in regular or safe mode

Note: GoToAssist must be running as a service in order to use this feature.
  1. During an attended or unattended support session, click Tools > Reboot or Reboot in Safe Mode in the Viewer toolbar.

  2. If you are in an attended session, a Reboot Computer dialog appears on the customer's screen. They should click Yes to authorize the Reboot or No to cancel. If you are in an unattended support session, the reboot will occur immediately without additional prompts.

  3. The customer's computer will restart and then reconnect to the support session automatically (screen sharing will pause until they are reconnected).
  4. Once the customer's machine reconnects, the Windows Login screen will appear.
    • Unattended support sessions - If the customer stored a password with Remote Support, you can log in automatically. If they didn't, you must log in with a valid Windows account.
    • Attended support sessions - You can either log in with your own credentials, or the customer can enter their password. Once you are logged in, the session continues.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022