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Host a Support Session via Android

The GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK provides a streamlined version of GoToAssist Remote Support v4, which allows you to provide unlimited attended and unattended support sessions from your Android device. Agents can use the GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK to host support sessions with customers who join from any supported desktop or mobile device.

Restriction: Customers cannot join a GoToAssist Remote Support v4 session using an iOS device. For more information, please see the system requirements for Agents and Customers.
Note: Please see the Mobile Feature Comparison for information about features available during these support sessions.

Download the APK

Download the GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK for Android for devices running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

Attention: GoToAssist (Remote Support) is only available as an APK, and new installations require special installation permissions (see below).
Attention: The GoToAssist Remote Support v4 Mobile App is not compatible with Android 14. The mobile app works on Android 13 or older OS systems.

Enable special permission for APK installation

For all new installations of the GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK for Android, you must allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store (unknown sources) to proceed.

Tip: Instructions to enable this permission may vary depending on device manufacturer and Android OS version. Search for Install unknown apps on your device, or follow the instructions below (if applicable).

Android OS 7 (Nougat) or earlier

  1. Go to Settings > Security.
  2. Select the Unknown Sources setting.
  3. Tap OK.

Android OS 8 (Oreo) or later

This permission must be enable for your browser application.

  1. Go to Settings > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps.
  2. Select your browser application
  3. Toggle on the switch for the Allow from this source setting.

Install and log in to the app

Note: You can view the system requirements for the mobile app here.
  1. Download the GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK for Android.
    Note: This is not to be confused with the GoToAssist (Customer) APK, which is only for Android users being supported by a Remote Support agent.
  2. Select Install > Accept to proceed with the installation.
  3. Open the app, then enter your email address and password for your GoToAssist Remote Support account and select Log In.

Start attended support sessions

  1. Select the Tap to start a support session button.

  2. A new support key appears on the Invite Customer screen. Send it to the customer by selecting Email Support Info.
    Note: You must have the Gmail app set up to automatically create an email.

  3. Invite your customer to join the support session as follows:
  4. Once the customer joins the support session, you will immediately see their screen.

Start unattended support sessions from the app

  1. Select the Unattended Computers button.
  2. Select the desired unattended support computer to select it.
  3. Select Connect on the Computer Details screen.

Use app features

Note: For more information about mobile feature differences, please see the Mobile Feature Comparison.

Using the app's toolbar, agents can support customers using the following features:

  • Stop screen sharing with the customer's computer by tapping the Options icon in the agent toolbar, then selecting Stop Screen Sharing. To restart screen sharing once again, tap the Screen Sharing icon .
  • View the Gestures guide by tapping the Options icon in the agent toolbar, then selecting Gestures.
  • Access the Settings by tapping the Options icon in the agent toolbar, then selecting Settings.

  • Chat with the customer by tapping the Chat icon .
  • Retrieve diagnostic reports about the customer's computer (and email them) by tapping the Diagnostics icon .
  • View, modify, and connect to unattended support computers by tapping the Unattended Computers button.
  • Send the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" command to the customer's computer by tapping the Tools icon (Windows only).
  • Reboot / Reboot in Safe Mode - Reboot the customer's computer without disconnecting the session by tapping the Tools icon .

  • Use the keyboard by tapping the Keyboard icon in the agent toolbar.
  • Record support sessions for later viewing and download. This occurs automatically if this feature is enabled in your account configuration settings.
    Note: Access to the Session Recording feature is dependent upon your user group settings or your individual user settings, which are set by your administrator.
  • End support sessions by tapping the Options icon in the agent toolbar, then selecting End Session, or by tapping the End Session icon during your active session.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022