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Download the Mobile Apps

There are various mobile apps that will facilitate a support session between an agent and a customer. Download the app that is right for you onto your iOS or Android device.

Use the Mobile Feature Comparison chart to compare the abilities of each mobile app.

Note: For more information, please see the System Requirements for Agents and Customers.

Download the agent mobile app

Agents can download the iOS or Android agent mobile app onto their device to host support sessions on the go!

Attention: The GoToAssist Remote Support v4 Mobile App is not compatible with Android 14. The mobile app works on Android 13 or older OS systems.

Download the customer mobile app

Customers can download the Android customer mobile app onto their device to join support sessions from anywhere!

Restriction: Customers cannot join a GoToAssist Remote Support v4 session using an iOS device. For more information, please see the system requirements for Agents and Customers.

GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android

Attention: The GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android from the Google Play Store will retire soon. For optimal performance, please use the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.
Article last updated: 26 October, 2022