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Join a Support Session via Android

If you are a customer who has been invited by an agent to join a support session and are using an Android device, you can download the GoToAssist (Customer) APK to connect to the session.

Limitations and compatibility

  • The GoToAssist Remote Support v4 Mobile App is not compatible with Android 14. The mobile app works on Android 13 or older OS systems.
  • Customers cannot join a GoToAssist Remote Support v4 session using an iOS device.
  • For LG devices*, an additional GoToAssist Screensharing Plugin for LG app will also be required if screen sharing is requested. Please note that it is not recommended to install this plugin app separately. This add-on app will automatically prompt you to install when you join a support session using the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android and allow screen sharing.
    • *Remote control is not supported on LG Nexus 5 devices. Customers joining from this specific device will have view-only screen sharing.
  • GoToAssist (Customer) is available as an APK, and new installations require special installation permissions (see below).
For more information, please see the System Requirements for Customers and Mobile Feature Comparison.
GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android
Attention: The GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android from the Google Play Store will retire soon. For optimal performance, please use the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.

Enable special permission for APK installation

For all new installations of the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android, you must allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store (unknown sources) to proceed.

Tip: Instructions to enable this permission may vary depending on device manufacturer and Android OS version. Search for Install unknown apps on your device, or follow the instructions below (if applicable).

Android OS 7 (Nougat) or earlier

  1. Go to Settings > Security.
  2. Select the Unknown Sources setting.
  3. Tap OK.

Android OS 8 (Oreo) or later

This permission must be enable for your browser application.

  1. Go to Settings > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps.
  2. Select your browser application
  3. Toggle on the switch for the Allow from this source setting.

Install the APK

  1. Download the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.
    Note: This is not to be confused with the GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK, which is only for Remote Support agents hosting support sessions via Android.
  2. Select Install > Accept to proceed with the installation.

Join a support session

  1. You can join support sessions in either of the following ways:
    • Via the Join URL

      Tap the Join URL in your Invitation email to automatically launch the customer app with the session key pre-populated.

      Note: If you do not yet have the APK installed, you will be taken to the app in the Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, you will need to join the session again.
    • Via the GoToAssist (Customer) APK

      You can install and open the GoToAssist (Customer) APK, enter the session key (as provided by the agent), then tap Join Session.

  2. You will be automatically launched into session with the agent. When prompted, you can tap Join Session to access the in-session features.

  3. Once connected to the support session, the app will display the Chat window, which you can use to communicate with the agent. You can exit the app and use their device as normal without leaving the session, and the agent will be able to see all screens and actions. In addition, you can switch between screen sharing, chat and camera sharing by selecting the appropriate buttons in the toolbar.
    Note: Session types and features vary depending upon your version of Android OS and mobile device. For more information, please see the System Requirements for Customers.

Send chat messages

When you join the support session, you will immediately be launched into the Chat window, where you can exchange messages with the agent.

Share your screen

You can choose to share your screen to allow the agent to view the apps and settings of your Android device. You can also grant your agent remote control access during the support session to receive seamless support directly on your mobile device.

Note: The features described here must be enabled in the agent's account by their administrator. In addition, your mobile device must be running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later and using the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android. If you are using an LG device, you may be prompted to install a screen sharing add-on upon joining the support session. For more information, please see the System Requirements for Customers.
  1. Tap the Share Screen icon in the toolbar.
  2. Once the screen sharing has started, the agent is able to remotely control the entire Android device (i.e., they are not restricted to staying within the GoToAssist app, but can navigate to Settings, Gallery, Google Play Store, etc.).
  3. Tap the Stop Screen Sharing icon in the toolbar to stop screen sharing at any time.

Share your camera

You can share your camera with the agent during your support session using the camera sharing feature.

Note: Your mobile device must be running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later and using the latest version of the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.
  1. Tap the Share Camera icon in the toolbar, then tap the Video icon .
    Note: Screen sharing will be paused to display the customer's camera view in lieu of their screen.
  2. If prompted, tap Start Now to turn on the device's camera and share it with the agent.

  3. A confirmation message, "You're now sharing your camera" appears in the bottom navigation. Tap the Flashlight icon for a continuous stream of light from the device's camera.

  4. To take a snapshot of the camera feed and share it with the agent, tap the Snapshot icon in the lower-right corner of the image, where a confirmation message will appear, "You're now sharing this snapshot."
  5. You can tap the Save icon to save the image as a screenshot, which will be saved to the Photos app for mobile devices running Android OS 5.0.X (Lollipop) or later. If your mobile device is running Android OS 4.4.X (KitKat) or earlier, the screen shot will be saved to the Gallery app. Tap the Share icon and select an app to use to share the image (e.g., email, messenger service, etc.). You can also take a standard screen shot on your Android device to save it.
  6. To start sharing your camera again, tap the Back icon in the lower-left navigation.
  7. Tap the Stop Camera Sharing icon below the camera feed or the Shared Camera icon in the toolbar to stop sharing your camera with the agent.

Leave the session

To leave the session, tap the Leave Session icon . When prompted, you can tap End Session, End and Uninstall (to leave the session and remove the GoToAssist Customer app), or Cancel to return to the support session.

Once the session has ended, you can tap Report Suspicious Activity to report abuse directly to LogMeIn, Inc. for any session where the agent was perceived to have used GoToAssist Remote Support v4 for suspicious or fraudulent activity during a session.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022