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Mobile Support

With the free GoToAssist apps, you can increase your mobility and bandwidth by providing essential support services to remote Internet-connected devices while you're on the go. Just download your free app and enter in your login information to instantly start providing remote support!

GoToAssist has multiple options for both providing support from mobile devices and providing support to customers using mobile devices, as outlined below.

Provide support FROM mobile devices

Agents can host attended and unattended support sessions from their iOS or Android devices by downloading the GoToAssist (Remote Support) app for iOS or APK for Android.

  • Learn more about hosting sessions from iOS devices
  • Learn more about hosting sessions from Android devices

Provide support TO an iOS device

At this time, it is not possible to join a support session from an iOS device.

Provide support TO an Android device

Agents can also use the mobile or desktop apps to host support sessions with Android customers who join using the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.
Attention: The GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android from the Google Play Store will retire soon. For optimal performance, please use the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.
Attention: The GoToAssist Remote Support v4 Mobile App is not compatible with Android 14. The mobile app works on Android 13 or older OS systems.
  • Learn more about joining sessions from Android devices
Attention: If you are joining a support session from a Samsung device using a new installation of the GoToAssist (Customer) v4 APK for Android (installed on or after January 30, 2021), remote control is not supported. In order for the agent to use remote control, you must join the support session using the GoToAssist Support - Customer v5 app for Android. Learn more.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022