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Download the Customer Mobile APK to Android OS 8 (Oreo) and later on Samsung

    This guide guides you how to download the mobile APK for Android OS 8 and later versions on Samsung devices.

    For all new installations of the GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK for Android, you must allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store (unknown sources) to proceed.

    Attention: The GoToAssist Remote Support v4 Mobile App is not compatible with Android 14. The mobile app works on Android 13 or older OS systems.

    GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android

    Attention: The GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android from the Google Play Store will retire soon. For optimal performance, please use the GoToAssist (Customer) APK for Android.
    1. Select the Download .apk button.
    2. The browser informs you that ”this type of file may harm your phone”. As all GoTo products are trusted and safe apps, proceed with downloading by selecting Download.
    3. Once the download has finished, select Open file.
    4. Samsung Internet informs you that it is blocking the installation, since it is an ”unknown app”. Allow the installation by selecting Settings, then on the next screen, turn on the Allow from this source switch.
    5. Navigate back to the previous screen, that descibes a list of accesses GoToAssist (Remote Support) APK needs on your device. When prompted, select Install.
      Note: If the Back button does not take you back to the previous screen, reselect the APK file from your browser’s download list or download the file again, and tap on the download notification.
    6. Once the app has been installed, select Open. The app opens, where you can enter the Support Key your agent has provided, and Join the session.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022