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Manage Your Devices

You can oversee, maintain, and access all of your unattended support computers from your Devices page.

When you set up unattended support on a computer, it is automatically listed as a device in the device group that you specified during the initial setup. You can view all devices, or filter your view by device groups. From the list of devices, you can connect to a device, search devices, view device information, move it to another device group, and much more.

You can also select your user name in the top navigation and use the account drop-down menu to access the My Account page, Manage People & Devices (i.e., if your account has admin access), and Sign Out.

Note: Access to the Unattended Support feature (including those described here) is dependent upon your user group settings or your individual user settings, which are set by your administrator.

View devices and device info

  • On the Devices page, use the Device Group menu in the left navigation to select your desired device group, or click All Devices to display all devices from all of your assigned device groups. Additionally, you can use the "Search" field to filter devices by any detail displayed in the device's information.
    Note: A minimum of 2 characters can be used in the "Search" field.

  • To view an individual device's information, click the Device icon next to the name of the device, which will display the following information:
    • Device group - The group in which the device is currently assigned.
    • Operating system - The version of Windows or Mac on the unattended computer.
    • Endpoint build version - The version and build of the GoToAssist Customer application. Learn more.
    • DNS name - Naming system used for translating domain names into IP addresses (i.e., Domain Name System).
    • IP address - A unique numerical address used to identify a device that communicates with other devices within an IP network (i.e., Internet Protocol address).
    • MAC address - A unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communication (i.e., Media Access Control address).

  • If access to Unattended Support is disabled, you will encounter a message (shown below), "This feature has been disabled by your administrator."

Move devices to another device group

You can move a single or multiple devices to another device group as follows:

  1. To select a single device, click the Device icon next to the device name. To select multiple devices, hold the CTRL key and click the Device icon for each device you want to select.
  2. Click Move to group in the lower navigation, then select your desired device group.
  3. The selected device(s) will immediately move to their new device group.

Delete devices

When you delete a device from your device group, the following will occur:

  • The device is removed from the device group (i.e., in the Dashboard, Devices, and Unattended Support Computers List), and access to the device is no longer available for all remote support agents assigned to the device group.
  • The GoToAssist Customer application is uninstalled from the device (i.e., unattended access is removed from the computer).

You can delete a single device or multiple device(s) from your device group, as follows:

  1. To select a single device, click the Device icon next to the device name, or use the device options menu. To select multiple devices, hold the CTRL key and click the Device icon for each device you want to select.
  2. Click Delete in the lower navigation.

  1. When prompted, click Delete Device(s) to confirm.

Connect to a device

To connect to a device, hover your cursor over the row of your desired device, then click Connect in the right navigation. This will automatically launch the GoToAssist Expert desktop application and begin connecting to the unattended computer. Additionally, you can connect to an unattended device using the GoToAssist Expert desktop application.

Manage devices

You can easily rename, reset, or delete a single device from your Dashboard or your Devices page as follows:

  • Rename your device - Click the Options icon , then click Rename to edit the name of your device. Click Save when finished.
  • Reset the connection for your device - Click the Options icon , then click Reset connection to send a reset signal to the individual device.
  • Delete your device- Click the Options icon , then click Delete Device to remove your access (and the access of all associated remote support agents) to this individual device.
Note: At this time, agents can only Rename, Reset connection, and Delete devices via the agent desktop app if the device is actively in session. These options are not available if the device is actively in session via the web app.

  • Manage Device Groups - If you have admin access, you can click Manage Device Groups in the left navigation. This will log you in to the Admin Center, where you can add & manage your device groups.
    Note: If you do not have admin access, Manage Device Groups will not be displayed in the left navigation.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022