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Check for Updates on Unattended Computers

Learn how to check for updates for your GoToAssist Expert application.

Check for Updates on Unattended Computers

You can use the GoToAssist Expert application to view your Unattended Computers list and send a request to update a single computer if the version listed does not match the version configured in your Admin or Device Group settings.

Note: For more information, please see Update the GoToAssist Desktop Applications.
  1. Open the GoToAssist Expert application.
  2. Click Unattended Computers in the toolbar and select View Unattended Computers, or right-click the GoToAssist Expert icon in your system tray (Windows only) and select View Unattended Support Computers.
    Note: If access to the Unattended Support feature has been disabled by your administrator, then the Unattended Support menu in the Viewer toolbar will be disabled (i.e., grayed out).
  3. Use the left navigation to find the correct device group and the desired computer. Click the arrow icon and select Check for Updates.

  4. The GoToAssist Expert application will send a request to the GoToAssist system to check if an up or downgrade is needed for the current version of the unattended computer to match the version configured in your Admin or Device Group settings.

  5. If an update has been found, there will be a message indicating that the update has started in the bottom navigation of the Unattended Computers list.

  6. Once the unattended computer has installed the update, you can click Refreshfor the unattended machine or device group and now see the updated version displayed.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022