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Delete Unattended Computers and Remove Unattended Access

You can easily delete unattended support computers (i.e., devices) by removing them from a device group. Deleting an unattended support computer will remove unattended access to the customer's computer, as well as uninstall the GoToAssist Customer desktop application.

Note: Access to the Unattended Support feature (including those described here) is dependent upon your user group settings or your individual user settings, which are set by your administrator.

Delete an unattended computer via the agent desktop application

  1. Open the GoToAssist Expert desktop application.
  2. Click Unattended Computers in the toolbar and select View Unattended Computers.

  3. Use the left navigation to find the correct device group and the desired unattended computer. Click the arrow icon and select Delete.

  4. Click Yes when prompted.

Note: If access to the Unattended Support feature has been disabled by your administrator, then the Unattended Support menu in the Viewer toolbar will be disabled (i.e., grayed out).

Delete a device from the web

You can delete device(s) from the web in the following ways:

From your Dashboard:

  1. Log in at and select your desired device group in the lower navigation on your Dashboard.
  2. On the row of your desired device, click the Options icon , then click Delete to remove your access (and the access of all associated remote support agents) to this individual device.

  3. When prompted, click Delete Device to confirm.

From your Devices page

  1. To select a single device, click the Device icon next to the device name. To select multiple devices, hold the CTRL key and click the Device icon for each device you want to select.
  2. Click Delete in the lower navigation.

  3. When prompted, click Delete Device(s) to confirm.

Article last updated: 5 December, 2022