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You can start using GoToAssist right away by signing up for a free trial or purchasing a plan. You can include both the Remote Support and Service Desk modules in your free trial, then later convert to a subscription plan for the module(s) that best suit your organization's needs.

Does your version look different? Please see information about GoToAssist Remote Support v5.

Start a free trial

  1. Go to the Create Your Account page.
  2. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, Phone, and Company fields, then click Start My Free Trial to continue. You will receive a Welcome email containing your login details, the end date of your trial period, and a link to convert to a paid subscription plan.

Purchase a plan

  1. Go to the Purchase GoToAssist page.
  2. In the "Customize My Plan" section, select the number of technicians that you would like to have on your account.
  3. Click to select Annual Plan or Monthly Plan.
  4. View your order summary in the right navigation.

  5. In the "My Account Setup" section, fill in the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password fields.

  6. In the "Secure Credit Card Payment" section, fill in the following fields:
    • Account First Name
    • Account Last Name
    • Billing Address
    • City
    • Zip Code
    • Country
    • State
    • Phone
    • Credit Card Number
    • Security Code
    • Expiration Month
    • Expiration Year
  7. Click Buy to purchase your plan.

to GoToAssist Remote Support v4

Once you have created your account, proceed with signing-in and using GoToAssist Remote Support v4. You can find all the necessary steps and information about it in the below article:
Article last updated: 7 November, 2022