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Use the GoToAssist Customer Desktop Application

    The GoToAssist Customer desktop application can be downloaded onto a customer's computer to enable agents to connect to them via attended or unattended support sessions, which includes the following:

    • Attended Support: When customers join attended support sessions with agents, the GoToAssist Customer desktop application is downloaded onto their computer. Depending on the agent's Preferences, the GoToAssist Customer desktop application can remain installed on the customer's computer for future use, or automatically removed at the end of the session. Once customers join the session, a GoToAssist Customer toolbar appears. During the session, customers can use the toolbar options to interact with the agent(s), as well as join subsequent support sessions.

      Additionally, customers have the option to download the GoToAssist Customer Attended Standalone application to join support sessions, and the same GoToAssist Customer toolbar will appear. Both applications allow the customer to easily join support sessions without having to navigate to to join sessions. Learn more.

    • Unattended Support: Agents can set up unattended access to customers' computers by installing the GoToAssist Customer desktop application, which customers can then use to update their stored password and block the agent's unattended access.

    Access to the Unattended Support feature is dependent upon your user group settings or individual user settings, which are configured by your administrator.

    Does your version look different? Please see instructions for using GoToAssist Remote Support v5.

    Stop and restart screen sharing

    When customers first join a support session, the agent(s) will immediately be able to see their screen. They can stop and restart viewing the customers screen themselves at any time during the session, but if the customer stop sharing their own screen the agent will have to request permission to see it again. The agent(s) can also choose to share their screen with the customer.

    1. Click Stop Screen Sharing on the GoToAssist Customer toolbar. The Stop Screen Sharing button will become disabled (grayed out), and the agent(s) will be unable to see the customer's screen any longer.
    2. To restart screen sharing, the agent(s) must request to see the customer's screen again. Customers can click Yes when prompted to see their screen.

    Chat with agent(s)

    Once customers join a support session, they can communicate with the agent(s) using the Chat feature. This feature remains available throughout the entire session, despite whether screen sharing is on or off. The Chat log will be included in any session reports that the agent generates later.

    1. Click Chat on the GoToAssist Customer toolbar.
    2. The toolbar will automatically expand to show the Chat window. Type a message into the text field at the bottom of the window, and then click Send to send it to the agent(s). Your message will appear in the Chat window, and the agent's response will appear below it.

      Note: Keep in mind that if the customer's screen is being shared with the agent(s), they will be able to see what the customer is typing in the text field in real time (despite whether or not the message has been sent).

    1. When the agent(s) sends a Chat message, the GoToAssist Customer toolbar appears at the forefront of the customer's screen with the Chat window expanded to alert them to the new message. They can minimize and expand the Chat window at any time without deleting the chat log by clicking Chat again.

    Send files to agent(s)

    Remote Support allows customers and agent(s) to send each other files directly through the GoToAssist Expert and Customer desktop applications.

    Note: Access to the File Transfer feature is dependent upon your user group settings or your individual user settings, which are set by your administrator.

    1. Click File Transfer on the Customer toolbar and select Send Files to [agent] from the drop-down menu.

    1. Select the desired file(s) and click Send. Click Yes if prompted by UAC.
    2. The agent(s) will see an Incoming Files Transfer dialog asking where to save the file. Once they click Save, the file will be transferred. To view or cancel the file transfer, use the File Transfer Status window (File Transfer > Display Status).

    View the agent's screen

    Note: The agent must initiate this process; it is not possible for customers to initiate or request it from the GoToAssist Customer toolbar. Additionally, agents cannot share their own screens when in session with Mac customers.

    1. If an agent shares their own screen with the customer, a separate Viewer window will automatically appear displaying the agent's screen. It includes Screen Sharing, Chat and File Transfer toolbar buttons.
    2. To stop viewing the agent's screen, click the button at the top-right of the Viewer to close it without exiting the support session.

    End the support session

    Customers can choose to leave the support session at any time. This will immediately end the connection with the agent's computer.

    1. Click the End Session icon on the GoToAssist Customer toolbar.
    2. Once customer clicks Yes, the GoToAssist Customer toolbar will close and the agent(s) will be unable to access the computer. Learn more about the Report Abuse option.

      Note: If the agent who initiated the support session has the "Uninstall customer application when session ends" check box unselected in their Preferences, the GoToAssist Customer desktop application will remain on customers' Windows computers. The next time they wish to join a session, they can do so directly from the application.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022