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Set Categories

    Learn how to create or edit categories for incidents, problems, knowledge articles and messages.

    Categories are optional, arbitrary descriptions that can be applied to incidents, problems, knowledge articles and messages. They can be used to represent the different areas of business in which an incident, problem or knowledge article might fall. Use categories to group related incidents for reporting purposes, assignation and clarifying descriptions.

    Note: Be aware that incidents and problems share the same categories, so any changes on 1 tab are automatically updated on the other. Knowledge articles have their own set of categories. If you don't set up any categories, a categories field will not appear on the incident, problem, knowledge article or message forms.

    Create categories (incidents, problems and knowledge articles)

    This feature is available to account administrators only.

    1. Click Configure  > Services > [select service].

    2. Click the Incidents tab, Problems tab or Knowledge tab, then Categories.

    3. Click create some categories now to create your first category, then click Add Another to add additional categories.

    4. Click Save when finished.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022