Create, Configure and Manage Services

Learn how to create, configure and manage services. A service is any product or project you need to support and manage through incidents, articles, change tracking and release records. Service Desk can track the development of 1 or more services. A service can be many things, such as a physical product, a website application or just a team project. Account administrators can set up and use multiple services to separate things like teams and reports, and they can also give other users and their customers access to 1 or several services. Each service has a collection of settings that can be customized to suit its needs, such as priorities, categories, and triggers.

Topics in this article:

Create a new service

Create a new service by copying an existing service

Configure per-service settings

Edit a service

Delete a service

Create a new service

Service Desk requires you to create 1 new service when you first log in to your account. You can add additional services as follows:

  1. Go to Configure >Services > Create New Service.
  2. Enter the service's name and website (if applicable).
  3. If desired, assign the service to a company using the Company drop-down menu. Each user can be assigned up to 1 company (or no company at all).
  4. Enable the following options, if desired:
    • Agents will be able to flag time entries as billable for this service – Agents with Time User account rights will be able to flag their logged time for this service as "billable."
    • Enable support address: – A Service Desk support email address is available for each service on the account. Enabling it with this option allows the service to be integrated with a third-party email address (i.e., your organization's support email address) and enable self-registration and incident creation via email. See Enable and Integrate a Service's Support Email Address for more information.
  5. Click Save when finished.
  6. On the next page, many additional tabs will appear that allow you to further customize your service, including the option to click Change to upload a service logo. If you have already uploaded a service logo and want to restore the original default logo, click Revert back to service initials. Click Save when finished.

    Note: This will be displayed in service menus, timesheets and in the headers of all incidents, problems, changes etc. For best results use an image 61 x 61 pixels. File types accepted are gifs, jpgs or pngs.

  7. See Configure per-service settings for next steps.

Selected Service Settings

Create a new service by copying an existing service

You can copy an existing service, and select your desired components to carry over to the new service, as follows:

  1. Go to Configure >Services.
  2. Click the Copy Service icon within the tile of your desired service.
  3. Enter a name for your new service (must be different from all existing service names).
  4. Check the box(es) to select your desired components to carry over:
    • Configurations: Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases, Knowledge, Messages, Feedback, and/or Customer Email
    • People: Users, Groups, Customers, and/or Companies

    Note: All components that remain deselected will carry over with default values.

  5. Click Copy, and your new service is displayed.

Copy Service Components

Configure per-service settings

You can configure exactly how you want each service to behave using per-service settings, allowing you to customize services to suit the needs of your organization.

Note: Some of these settings will override their corresponding account-wide settings.

Once a service is created, administrators can modify many aspects of the service, as follows:

Edit a service

  1. Go to Configure >Services and select your service.
  2. Make your desired changes and click Save when finished with each tab.

Delete a service

Note: Once deleted, the data will no longer be accessible within your account, however, the data remains stored within our system.

  1. Go to Configure >Services > and select your desired service.
  2. Click Delete Service at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click OK when prompted to delete the service.


Use Services and Service Management

Enable and Integrate a Service's Support Email Address

Create Templates for Incidents, Changes, or Releases

Set Priorities and SLAs (Incidents)

Set Priority Levels (Problems, Changes and Releases)

Set Statuses

Set Default Field Selections for New Incidents

Set Types

Set Categories

Add Custom Fields

Set Approvers (Changes and Releases)

Set Up Triggers

Configure Service Access

Solicit Feedback (Incidents)