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Schedule and Queue Reports

Learn how to schedule emails, actions and add a report to your dashboard queue.

The Schedule & Queue section enables agents to do the following:

  • Email Schedule – Configure the report to run and send a link to the results via email on a recurring basis (hours, days, weeks or months) 
  • Action Schedule – Configure actions to be performed on all results of the report on a recurring basis
  • Dashboard Queue – Add the report to your dashboard queue
Agents can set up mass actions on a recurring basis using action schedules. Setting up an action schedule causes the selected mass action(s) to be applied at the specified times, as well as notify the watchlist and/or customers of the affected records that the action has been performed.
Note: It is recommended that you also set up email schedules in conjunction with action schedules as a way of previewing what changes will be affected by a set of scheduled actions. This allows you to potentially catch anything unexpected that may be about to happen.

Schedule an emailed report

Schedule reports to automatically run and email the results on a recurring basis.
  1. Open a saved custom report or shared report that includes the desired items, or create a new report.
  2. Click Schedule & Queue and check the box for the Email Schedule option.
  3. Select the items for which to apply mass actions in either of the following ways:
    • Click the All, This Page or None hyperlinks.
    • Select or deselect the check boxes to the left of each item.
  4. Use the drop-down menus to select how often the report should be run.
  5. If desired, select the "only email if there are results" check box.
  6. Click Save Schedule when finished.
  7. An email containing a CSV file attachment of the report data is sent to your email address on your scheduled date and time.

Available actions

The following actions can be scheduled to occur for the items included in any custom or shared report:
  • Change their status – Delete, close or start/stop the clock on the included items.
  • Perform misc. tasks – Add/remove tags, add comments or prepend/append titles for all included items.
  • Change their priority – Upgrade, downgrade or set a specific priority level for all included items.
  • Change their resolution dates – Set a specific resolution date for all included items.
  • Edit their people – Add users, assign items or change owners for included items.

Any items affected by mass actions or action schedules display an icon in their Activity History.

Schedule an action

  1. Open a saved custom report or shared report that includes the desired items, or create a new report.
  2. Click Schedule & Queue and select the "Action Schedule" check box.
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select the action to be applied to the items and fill in the corresponding value. Click Add Another to add additional actions.
  4. Under "Set to run every," select how often you want the set of action(s) to be applied.
  5. Under "Notify people when scheduled actions are performed," select "Watchlisted" and/or "Customers" (if applicable).
  6. Click Save Schedule to apply the action(s) to all selected items.


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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022