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Access and Run Shared Reports

Learn how to access and run a shared report, and how to add it to your dashboard queue.

Access and run a shared report

  1. To view reports available to the entire account, select Global View from the Service drop-down menu.
  2. All shared reports are listed under "Reports Shared by others." The following options are available:
    • Open report – Click the report to open it and view all options
    • Email schedule – Click to create an email schedule using the shared report
    • Action schedule – Click to create an action schedule using the shared report
    • Dashboard queues – Click to add the report to your dashboard queues

Add a shared report to your dashboard queue

You can also add shared reports to your dashboard queue.
  1. Go to [Incident, Problem, Change, Release, or Knowledge] > Reports & Queues.
  2. Under "Reports Shared by Others," click add next to the desired reports (in the "Dashboard Queues" column). Click and drag the Move icons in the "Dashboard Queues" section to rearrange the order in which the reports appear in the dashboard.


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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022