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Run Standard Service Reports

Learn how to run a standard Service Report.

Note: This article refers to the pre-configured reports that are included with your Service Desk account. See Create, Save and Share Custom Reports or Access and Run Shared Reports for information about creating and sharing custom reports.

Run a service report

  1. Go to Service Desk > Reports.
  2. Click the report that you want run.
    • Incident Summary – See how any given service is performing (e.g., incidents created vs. incidents closed).
    • Incident SLA Compliance – Keep tabs on how well your service level agreements are being met for incidents against any of your services.
    • Incident Rate – See how the rate of open incidents compares against resolved incidents over time.
    • Incident Statistics For a Date Range – Analyze incident statistics for a specified date range.
    • All Open Incident Statistics – Analyze your open incident statistics. Who's busiest? Who's the top resolver? Who creates the most?
    • Activity – Keep track of all incident, problem, change and release activity.
    • Customer Satisfaction Ratings – View and analyze internal and external incident satisfaction ratings.
    • Incident Reporting Engine – View your incidents to help you get more valuable insights into your services
    • Open / Closed Incident Statistics – See the net result of your open versus closed incidents over time
  3. Fill in the appropriate search attributes as listed at the top of the page (i.e., date, service, Company).
    Note: This varies for each report.

  4. Click Run Report. The results appear on the same page.


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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022