What's new in GoToAssist Remote Support v4?

Keep track of what's going on with GoToAssist Remote Support to learn about our newest features and changes.

Please keep in mind that if you do not have the newest version of the desktop or mobile applications, you may not see all of the features and bug fixes described within the release notes.

Note: The frequency at which your GoToAssist Remote Support applications are updated depends on your account's update settings.

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LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.29.0) – January 15, 2021


  • All references to the following texts have been updated throughout the Admin Center:
  • Added feature description to the Custom Field pane in Admin Settings. Learn more about managing custom fields.
  • Updated User Status feature so that accurate messaging with further instruction is reflected within their status on both the Manage Users and User Details pages.
  • Fixed issue in which the "Status" tooltip window was displayed as transparent on the Manage Users page.
  • Fixed issue in which the Custom URL radio button can be selected within the Personal Meeting Room pane in Admin Settings.
  • Fixed issue in which the account name value was missing in user invitation emails.

What's New in the Web App – December 18, 2020


Informative Banner About Dropped Support for All Versions Below v4.5 Build 1610
Agents that log in at will now see a banner with messaging informing them about the upcoming dropped support for the following versions of the GoToAssist desktop applications (including unattended devices) on January 31, 2021:
  • Version 4.4, build 1599
  • Version 4.3, build 1575
  • Version 4.1, build 1544
  • Version 4.0, build 1537
For more information about these upcoming changes and how they impact you, please see What can I expect to change in GoToAssist v4 on January 31, 2021?

What's New in the Reporting Service – December 14, 2020


  • All references to "Company" have been updated to "Device Group" on both the Reporting tab of the agent Web App and within the fields of generated reports.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.28.0) – November 16, 2020


Updates to "Invite User" Flow
Admins can now invite users that have an active profile in another account, and those users can choose to accept or decline the invitation. If accepted, their user profile will move to the new account, along with their session history, upcoming scheduled sessions, and recordings. If users do not take action, admins can resend the invitation or delete them. Previously, users (whose profiles already existed in our system) were required to contact Customer Care in order to transfer to a new account.
Updates to Product Logos for User Statuses

Admins can now easily recognize users who have been invited to join their account but have not yet activated their account by the hollow product logos () displayed for the user under the Product status column on the Manage Users page. Alternatively, when the user joins the admin's account, their product logos are filled in (). Previously, the product logos were filled regardless of status. View more information about changing user statuses.


  • The "Delete Users" window includes more details on how to retain user data if needed.
  • All references to the following texts have been updated throughout the Admin Center:

    • Suppress email notification has been changed to Do not notify users about this change when a user's product access and/or role has changed
    • Invited has been changed to Invite sent under the user Status column
    • Reinvite has been changed to Resend under the user Status column for re-sending the Welcome email invitation

LogMeIn Profile Management Portal Service – October 23, 2020


Other Ways to Sign In – Support for LastPass and Apple Accounts
Users now have the ability to connect their LastPass and/or Apple account to their LogMeIn product user account at Once connected, users can sign in to their LogMeIn product account instantly by selecting their connected account on the product sign in screen or on the My Account page at Previously, users could only connect their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and/or Microsoft accounts.
Note: As before, if an account admin has enforced SAML SSO (Enterprise Sign-In) as the only sign-in method for all users on the account, those users will not be presented with any additional sign-in options.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.27.0) – October 20, 2020


Manage Report Access for Agents
Account admins can now configure the "Access to recordings and reporting" pane in Admin Settings to choose between allowing agents to access both session recordings and reporting for all users, or only allowing agents to access their own session recordings (which excludes reports). Previously, this account-wide setting could only be configured for session recordings, not reports.
Note: By default, admins are able to view all reports and session recordings for agents.
Additionally, all existing accounts before this release will continue to be configured to allow all agents to access all recordings and reports, whereas all accounts created after this release will be configured to restrict agents to access only their own recordings and excludes access to reports. However, this account-wide restriction/allowance privilege can be changed for all users within the account's Admin Settings.


  • Fixed issue in which scrolling through data displayed tables was not rendering properly when using Safari.

What's New in the Web App – October 13, 2020


Warning Message for Customers Joining Sessions from Trial Agent Account
An informative warning message is now displayed to the customer during the join flow advising them that the agent hosting the support session is using a trial account, and for their protection they should avoid providing any credit card information or accepting any unsolicited services. Learn more about joining support sessions and reporting abuse.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.26.0) – October 01, 2020


  • Fixed issue that caused overlapping text when resizing the browser and GoToAssist Remote Support is listed among other products under the New User Settings Template pane.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.25.0) – September 30, 2020


New Email Templates Available to All Admins
All account admins are now enabled to use the new Welcome and Assignment Change email templates, which were introduced to most accounts in a previous release. Admins can view and configure these new email templates within Admin Settings under Email Customizations.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.24.0) – August 12, 2020


Ability to Change Account Name
Account admins can change the account name of their LogMeIn product account within Admin Settings. Previously, account name changes could only be performed by Customer Care representatives.
New Welcome and Assignment Change Email Templates

The Welcome email and Change email templates have a new look and feel! Note that any customizations made to the previous template will also be carried over to the new template.

Note: This feature is being rolled out in a phased manner. This release enabled it as the default setting for most accounts (with the ability to opt-out, if desired), and made it available as an opt-in feature for other accounts – both of which can be configured within Admin Settings under Email Customizations. All new accounts will only see the new email templates and be unable to opt-out. A future release will make it the default setting for all accounts.

What's new in the Web App – July 08, 2020


  • RescueAssist has rejoined the GoToAssist family as GoToAssist Remote Support v5. Accordingly, the existing GoToAssist Remote Support offering is now referred to throughout the product as GoToAssist v4. You can see your current version, or switch between GoToAssist v4 and GoToAssist v5 using the user account drop-down menu in the top right. Learn more.

What's new in the Session Recording Service

Released November 08, 2019

  • Ability to manage session recording access

What's new in the Corporate Billing Portal

Released October 24, 2019

  • New sign in experience

What's new in the Login Service

Released October 10, 2019

  • New tailored sign in experience

What's new in the GoTo Opener App

Released October 10, 2019

  • Support for macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

What's new in the desktop apps (v4.7, b1673)

Released October 10, 2019

  • Support for macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • Known issue with unreadable text in Dark Mode

What's new in the Launcher Service & GoTo Opener App

Released August 01, 2019

  • New warning message for insecure redirects
  • Download of GoTo Opener app is no longer blocked (Windows only)

What's new in the Web App

Released June 24, 2019

  • New "Camera Share" session type in Recordings

What's new in the Web App

Released June 17, 2019

What's new in the Web App

What's new in the desktop apps (v4.6, b1624)

Released May 22, 2019

  • Backend changes were implemented to improve the operability of the GoToAssist Expert desktop app.

What's new in the desktop apps (v4.6, b1610)

Released May 15, 2019

  • Backend changes were implemented to improve the operability of the GoToAssist Expert desktop app.

What's new in the Active Directory Connector (v2.1.0.435)