Use Releases and Release Management

Use Releases and Release Management

Learn about what "releases" are and how release management can help you.

Releases are the implementation of incidents and changes into services. When incidents are resolved and changes are completed, they are ready to be deployed to customers. Releases provide a way of tracking when incidents and changes are implemented and who is responsible for aspects of the release process. Service Desk release forms are designed to enable the following development process: planning, approval, testing and deployment.

A Release is an implementation of a change to a service. Well-planned releases allow for clear disruption points and ensure quality of the production environment by formal procedures and checks. An in-depth description of release management can be found on Wikipedia's ITIL page.

About Release Management

Objective: To track and manage the planning, testing and deployment of releases for services

Release management allows you to track the planning, testing and deployment of each Release. The ability to link other records and affected items means its easy to see what exactly is in each release and why.

Well-planned releases allow the following:

  • Create clear disruption points.
  • Ensure the quality of the production environment through formal procedures and checks.
  • Track every deployment and record when it happened.
  • Keep stakeholders informed (via the watchlist).

Using Releases

Administrators can configure release settings to suit the organization's needs. The settings for releases can be managed on a per-service basis, as detailed in the following related articles:

Learn how to create, test, deploy and close releases as well.

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