Deploy Releases

Releases are the implementation of incidents and changes into services. When incidents are resolved and changes are completed, they are ready to be deployed to customers. Releases provide a way of tracking when incidents and changes are implemented and who is responsible for aspects of the release process. Service Desk release forms are designed to enable the following development process: planning, approval, testing and deployment.

Topics in this article:

Fill out the Deploy tab for a release

Mark release deployment as complete

Fill out the Deploy tab for a release

Once a release's testing is completed, it can be deployed.

1. Open the release select the Test tab.

2. The Test tab lists all the content needed for testing to be done, including the following:

  • Custom Fields – Any custom fields created under service settings

  • Date/Time – The date and time that the release was deployed

  • Released by – The technician who deployed the release

  • Release Status – The status of the release (Pending, Failure, Partial Success, Success)

  • Notes – A space to include any other important notes regarding the release

  • Close Associated Changes – Select changes to automatically close along with the deployment

  • Record New Release – Click this button to add another release to the list (such as broker and endpoint components of the same service)

  • Release to production successfully made – Selecting this check box signals that the release process is complete (even if failed)

  • Assignee – The technician to whom the record is assigned

  • Watchers – The watchlist is a list of individuals and groups who are "watching" a particular record (click x person watching. Invite more... link to modify list); when the "Notify watchlisted" check box is selected when a record is saved, watchlisted individuals and groups receive notifications about the changes

  • Notify watchlisted – When this box is selected, all watchlisted individuals will receive a notification about the changes; in addition, technicians can add a particular group to receive the notification on a per-record basis (without being added to the watchlist)

  • Close – Closing a record means that there is no more work to be done and the record is completely finished

3. Click Save when finished.

4. Click Record New Release to add another release to the same record. Once saved, they will be listed on the Deploy tab.

Mark release deployment as complete

Once the release process is over (whether failed or successful), it can be marked as complete.

1. Open the release and select the Deploy tab.

2. Ensure that all recorded releases have their release status updated correctly.

3. Select the "Release to production successfully made" check box, and select the date and time that it was deployed.

4. Click Save when finished.


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