Deploy Releases

    Fill out the Deploy tab for a release

    Mark release deployment as complete

    Fill out the Deploy tab for a release

    Once a release's testing is completed, it can be deployed.

    1. Open the release select the Test tab.

    2. The Test tab lists all the content needed for testing to be done, including the following:

    3. Click Save when finished.

    4. Click Record New Release to add another release to the same record. Once saved, they will be listed on the Deploy tab.

    Mark release deployment as complete

    Once the release process is over (whether failed or successful), it can be marked as complete.

    1. Open the release and select the Deploy tab.

    2. Ensure that all recorded releases have their release status updated correctly.

    3. Select the "Release to production successfully made" check box, and select the date and time that it was deployed.

    4. Click Save when finished.

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    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022