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Post Messages

Learn how to create, edit or delete messages, as well as setting up message categories.

Messages are announcements that can be posted internally and/or externally. Internal messages are posted on technicians' dashboards, while external messages are posted within the Customer Portal.


Create a message

Agents can log in to the Service Desk web application to create messages.

1. Log in at

2. Go to Messages > New Message.

3. Select the service under which the message should be created.

4. Fill out the message form as follows:

  • Service – The service to which the record belongs
  • Record ID – The individual ID used to distinguish between records
  • Owner – The technician who created the record
  • Title – The title of the record
  • Content – A space for the content of the message; click Formatting Tips for helpful formatting hints
  • Category – The record's category (as configured by an administrator under service settings)
  • Add tags –
  • Internal Only – Selecting this prevents the message from being published in the Customer Portal
  • Pin to top – Selecting this keeps the message at the top of the page in the Service Desk web application and the Customer Portal (even after other messages are posted)
  • Watchers – The watchlist is a list of individuals and groups who are "watching" a particular record (click x person watching. Invite more... link to modify list); when the "Notify watchlisted" check box is selected when a record is saved, watchlisted individuals and groups receive notifications about the changes

5. Click Save when finished.

6. Agents can add additional comments to messages and answer customer comments using the Add a comment field. Agent comments are included in the comment count and displayed to both agents and customers, as follows:

Edit a message

1. Open the message to be modified.

2. Click Edit Message (next to the date).

3. Click Save when finished making changes.

Delete a message

1. Open the message to be deleted.

2. Click Delete Message at the bottom of the page.

3. A warning message cautions that this cannot be undone. Click I'm scared, don't delete this to cancel, or Yes I'm sure! Just delete it! to continue.

Solicit customer feedback

When external messages are posted in the Customer Portal, customers can do the following:

  • Add a comment – Customers can leave feedback and comments at the bottom of the page.
  • Watchlist – Customers can add themselves to the watchlist to stay notified of edits or additional comments made to the message

Set message categories

To manage the categories available for messages, click Manage Settings at the top of the page (this link is a shortcut to Configure  > Services > [select the service] > Messages; see Set Categories for more information).


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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022