LogMeIn Ignition End of Life FAQ

Why are you shutting down LogMeIn Ignition?

  • Our product development efforts at LogMeIn have always centered on enabling employees and individuals to simply and securely connect to their devices, applications, and files. In an effort to focus our current product portfolio, we took Ignition's most used features (file sharing) and built them into LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Central to create a complete way to connect to the content and devices you need, all in a single product experience. We also support the use of the free LogMeIn app for iOS or Android which is a feature-by-feature equivalent of LogMeIn Ignition.

What is my LogMeIn Ignition expiration date?

  • You had access to your LogMeIn Ignition account until April 9, 2018.
  • The LogMeIn Ignition app was available in the AppStore until April 8, 2018. No further updates were made to the app.

Is there an alternative to LogMeIn Ignition?

  • No, we discontinued the use of LMI Ignition via mobile Apps completely.