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Why can't I connect to my Windows computer?

"My Computers" page lists host computer as "Unavailable" or clicking 'Connect' never establishes a connection.

There are three issues that may cause a host computer to go unavailable:
  • The host computer is powered off or in sleep mode
  • The GoToMyPC host software is not running
  • The host computer is not connected to the Internet
  1. Confirm host computer is turned on and not in sleep mode
  2. Confirm GoToMyPC is running (look for system tray icon) on host computer
  3. Ensure host computer can access the Internet (try navigating to or another webpage)
  4. Confirm your security software allows GoToMyPC to access the Internet
  5. Check to see if there is an outage
What to do next:

For information on Sleep mode, see

If the MyPC icon is not in the menu bar on Mac OS X: Reboot the Mac For assistance allowing GoToMyPC among security software.
Attention: If the computer is still unavailable on the MyComputers page remove and reinstall GoToMyPC.
Article last updated: 20 December, 2022