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Resolve and Close Incidents

    Once work is completed on incidents, they can be resolved and closed individually or in a group.

    Incidents and their associated data are automatically archived 2 years from the date they were last updated (e.g., reopened, comment added, etc.), then removed from our system 1 year from the date they were archived. For more information, please see About Automatic Incident Data Archival.

    Resolve an incident individually

    Incidents can be resolved and closed one at a time with this process.

    1. Sign in to GoToAssist Service Desk with your email address and password at
    2. Open the incident to be resolved.
    3. Select the resolution of the incident, as follows:
      • Not Resolved – The issue was not solved , but no more work will be done on it (i.e., "won't fix).
      • Resolved – The issue was solved and no more work needs to be done on it (i.e., "fixed").
    4. If desired, enter an explanation of the resolution in the Enter Resolution text field. This step is highly recommended to ensure transparency for the rest of the team.
    5. To leave the incident "Resolved" but still open (i.e., not released), deselect the "Close" check box before clicking Save.

    Close an incident individually

    1. Open the incident to be closed.
    2. Ensure that the resolution is marked correctly, then click Close.
    3. Fill out the "closing details" to specify why the incident is being closed, then click Save.

    Resolve and close multiple incidents

    Incidents can be closed in bulk using reports.

    1. Go to Incident > Reports & Queues.
    2. Create a report that includes all the incidents that should be closed, then open the report.
    3. Click Mass Actions and select all incidents that should be included.
    4. Select Set Status to.
    5. Select Resolved from the drop-down menu.
    6. Click Add Another +.
    7. Select Close from the drop-down menu.
    8. Click Apply Now.

    Delete an incident

    1. Open the incident to be deleted.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. A warning message cautions that this cannot be undone. Click I'm scared, don't delete this to cancel, or Yes I'm sure! Just delete it! to continue.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022