Add users to your account

A primary function of the Admin Center is to add and manage your GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and OpenVoice users. You can maintain up to 25,000 users in the Admin Center.

Alternative Method - If your organization has a large number of GoTo product users or has a high user turnover, you may want to consider implementing the Active Directory Connector (ADC). The ADC automatically updates your GoTo account with user changes from your centralized Active Directory repository.Learn more.

The add user process in the Admin Center allows you to:

  • Add one, several, or a bulk list of users
  • Choose (and modify) the invitation email that is sent out to users
  • Assign your users to groups
  • Assign your users to product seats
  • Assign users to admin tasks and roles
  • Apply a defined set of product settings to your users

If you are adding users to groups and applying modified product settings, the best practice is to do the following before you add users:

This allows you to complete the user add and setup in a single step.
Topics in this article:

Enter user data

NOTE: A user’s first name and last name cannot exceed 32 characters. An email address cannot exceed 128 characters.

NOTE: If you are using the Organization Center – if you have registered your email domain for GoTo account logins – this Add operation does not update your Organization users. The same is true if you add an Organization user: they are not automatically added to the Admin Center unless you implement User Sync.

NOTE: New licenses for a user can take up to 48 hours to provision through the system.

1. Log in to the Admin Center.

2. Select Add Users in the left navigation.

3. Enter:

To add: Enter:    
Individual User First Name Last Name Email
Add another user click Add another user
Add multiple users click Add multiple users

To add multiple users, paste in a list of users in the following format:

firstName lastName emailName@domain.extension;nextName...

For example:

Juliette Aalund;Rory Abalos;Sammy Zachs

When you add large sets of users, they are parsed out and added 100 users at a time.

For a multiple user paste, click Apply. The names are parsed out and displayed in entry boxes.

Locate and fix user entry errors

Errors in your list can appear in three places (see examples in the image):

  • If the Apply operation cannot break out the entry values, the information remains in the input window. Fix the errors and click Apply. (Error shown: incorrect punctuation between users.)
  • If the data can be broken out but there is an error in the data, you will see a warning box. Fix the error in the box. (Error shown: no period between domain and extension.)
  • If the data can be partially broken out, the information appears in the entry boxes with a placeholder for the missing data element. In the example below, the space is missing between the first name and last name. (Error shown: first and last names not separated by a space.)

Set user products and roles

Once your set of new users is entered on the page, all the remaining settings will apply to them. You can change their settings at any time, but the User Add is the easiest time to apply a shared configuration.

1. In the Product box, select the products the users will have as organizer. An organizer is the basic user role in the GoTo products. The list of products are those products and plans (seats) in your corporate account. The number of seats available is displayed in the left-hand navigation pane.

If you attempt to assign more users than you have seats, an error is raised and displays in the Activity Feed and the Activity History.

IMPORTANT: An error of inadequate seats for a product makes no updates and the task cannot be retried. You must set up the task again.

2. Click Administrator for this account to set the admin role options. You can make this user or users a full administrator or give them selected manager permissions for specific user groups on specific products. The full list of permissions is displayed. Click on any one of the following listed permissions to view and modify the list:

  • Add and delete users
  • Manage seats
  • Manage organizer settings
  • Add and delete groups
  • Create reports

3. Click Apply to save the list.

4. Click None selected to set the groups for which the user(s) have the selected admin rights. Selecting one or more groups limits the users’ selected permissions to the users in those groups. If a user is re-assigned to an unselected group, the permissions are not transferred.

5. Click Apply to save the list.

Select invite email, group and settings template

In the next set of steps you can configure your users with a custom (or default) invite email, the primary language, add them to a group, and apply a product settings template.

1. Click to open the Send this email drop-down.

You can create a new invite email template, select or edit an existing template, or select the default template. Once a template is created and saved, it remains available for future use and updates. You can preview any of the email templates within the Add User process.

2. Click the Primary language drop-down to select from the available languages.

This determines in what language the default content of the invite email is sent (any additions in a new template are sent in the language they were entered), and the language of the interface for the products the user has access to, including the Admin Center.

Users can change their primary language setting in their personal preferences for GoToMeeting at any time.

3. Click the Group drop-down to select a group.

The group enables you to quickly select this set of users later on and, if you choose, update product assignments and modify settings for them.

If you have not created groups yet, the only option is No Group.

4. Click the Template drop-down to choose a settings template.

The settings templates contain product-specific settings such as enabling or disabling recording capability, or specific long-distance or toll-free phone numbers.

If no template is assigned, the users receive default settings. The settings are applied whether the user has access to a product or not. If a product is assigned in the future, the settings in force for that user are automatically applied.

5. When you’re done, click Save.

If everything is correct, product seats are assigned and the selected invite email is sent containing a link to set up their account password. They must complete this required step before they can start using their new account.

If you have oversubscribed your plan, you receive an error and the user fields are reset.

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