Make Bulk Changes for Users

The Manage Users page lets you select a set of one or more users for updates. Changes you can make for the selected users on this page are:

You can also:

The page lets you filter, search for, sort, and select users. The page displays the first 50 user names, their roles if they have them, their emails, group if assigned, and products, also if assigned. You can page to the next page, and a Select All option will select the entire list, up to 25,000 users. Once you have a selection of users, you can update that set, or create a user report for the selected users.
IMPORTANT: Updates made for users in this screen override prior settings. If you manage your users by group, for example, you are not prevented from modifying settings for a set of users without modifying everyone in the group. In addition, by selecting a non-grouped set of users, you cannot view their existing settings prior to making changes. See For larger organizations in Using the Admin Center.

You can also select any single user by clicking on their name to manage that user’s detailed information.

Filter, find, sort, and select users

You can create a selection of users by filtering for user roles and status, by product seat, and by group.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Select Manage Users in the left navigation.

3. Click the Filter category drop-down to select User Type, User Groups, Device Groups, or Seats.

4. You can then click Filter by to choose the specific group or filter you want to use. Once you make the selection, the list is immediately updated.

4. In the Search box, you can search for names, emails or conferences. The conference search finds any portion of the users’ OpenVoice unique conference number. For example, you could search for “22” to find anyone with 22 in their conference number.

5. Each column can be used for an ascending or descending sort. Click on the column name to sort in ascending order. Click again to reverse the sort.

Note: Sort removes any selection of users made before the sort.

6. Use the selection boxes next to each user name to select the users you are going to update.

Manage seats and status and roles

The Products column indicates the user's assigned products. The Status column shows whether the user is invited, or if they have accepted the invite and are now enabled, or suspended due to no products being assigned. Enabled users can host sessions.

Note: New licenses for a user can take up to 48 hours to provision through the system.

1. For any individual user with a Status of Invited, you can click Reinvite to resend the original invite email.

2. With the users you want to update selected, click Manage Seats. The pop-up window contains a list of your company’s GoTo subscription plans. The Plan Details link provides a brief synopsis of product features and a link to get more information.

3. Choose products for the selected users.

4. Click Apply Changes. The new seat assignments will be made automatically and invitation emails will be sent.

Group users

You can group or ungroup users at any time. A group enables you to quickly find that group of users and update those users all at the same time. If you are using subgroups, selecting the parent group will select the subgroup members also. You can also create reports by group. A user can belong to only one group at a time.

1. With the users you want to update selected, click the Group users drop-down.

2. If needed, search for the group in the entry box.

3. Select the desired group to add the users to the group. Or select Remove from group to remove the users from all groups. The change takes effect immediately.


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Manage Feature Settings for Users

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