Welcome to GoToAssist Seeit!

    GoToAssist Seeit was built for and designed by support agents like you, so you can help your customers easily and instantly with anything they need - anytime, anywhere! Combining the ever-expanding power of secure technology with the convenience of a mobile app, you can create a support experience like never before.

    While you create a GoToAssist Seeit session from your desktop or mobile device, your customer can download the free GoToAssist Seeit app for Android or iOS and easily join your session to not only tell you, but show you exactly what they see - and so much more! You can take high-resolution snapshots of your customer's live-streaming camera feed, use photo management to save and share your snapshots, and even use drawing tools to provide an even better visual experience for your customer. You can even record your sessions to capture the audio, video, and shared photos so that you can review later, or share with your customer. Additionally, you can apply notes to snapshots to remind yourself later of extra details, and even jot down ideas or information for billing purposes using session notes. For support agents who enjoy using the tools they have now, APIs are also available to seamlessly integrate GoToAssist Seeit into your current work flow.

    To get started as an agent, you can create a GoToAssist Seeit session with the click or tap of a button, then invite your customer to join. In turn, your customer can download the GoToAssist Seeit app on their mobile device to get connected to your session. Once your customer has joined the session, you can do the following:

    • Use built-in audio from your computer.

    • View your customer's live-streaming camera feed.

    • Take high resolution snapshots and apply notes about them.

    • Save and share photos.

    • Use drawing tools.

    • Record your session.

    • Create session notes for your records.

    It's so simple and hassle-free, you will be on your way to deliver fast and efficient support in a quality experience your customer deserves.

    Please note that new trial or paid subscriptions are no longer available for GoToAssist Seeit.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022