Manage Custom Fields for Users

Custom user fields allow you to define and populate a set of fields for your users. You can create organizational identifiers, usage or user types, etc. A limited, predefined set of fields can be pulled in from the Active Directory if you are using the Active Directory Connector (ADC). Custom user fields display on the User Details screen and in user reports.

You can:

Add a custom field

Creating a custom field adds the field to all users on your account.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Select Admin Settings.

3. Scroll down to Custom Field and click Add a Custom Field.

4. Enter a custom field name, you can include numeric and alpha characters. Click Save.

Update custom field data for a user

The User Details pages lets you add data to the custom fields for a user.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Select Manage Users in the left navigation.

3. Click on the user you want to update. The User Details page opens.

4. Scroll down to Custom Fields and click Edit.

5. Make your changes and click Save.

Report custom field data

User reports in the Admin Center include the custom fields.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Select Create Reports on the top navigation bar.

3. On the Create Reports page, choose the User Status Report.

4. Choose a date range either within the past year or between specific “From” and “To” dates.

5. Filter as needed by users or groups.

6. Then click Excel or HTML to view information on your account and users.

7. When the report opens, scroll to the right to view the custom field data.


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