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How do I update my Salesforce Integration?

    To support stronger security for authentication, Salesforce admins must update the version of their Salesforce integration to the latest, as well as add the Client Secret from the GoToAssist Remote Support API in the GoTo Developer Center to ensure that agents can continue to use the GoToAssist Remote Support for Salesforce integration.

    Update the GoToAssist Remote Support application from AppExchange

    Admins can navigate to the GoToAssist Remote Support application in AppExchange, then click Get It Now and log in their Salesforce account to follow the steps for updating.

    Add the Client Secret for the GoToAssist Remote Support application in Salesforce

    Admins can make this change in Salesforce as follows:

    1. Log in to your Salesforce account at
    2. In the App Menu (drop-down) in the top navigation, select GoToAssist RS.

    1. Click the GoToAssist RS Configuration tab in the top navigation.
    2. Click Change Client Secret.
    3. Enter your Client Secret (that you copied and saved from Step #9 in the "Obtain a Client ID and Client Secret" section of the Install GoToAssist Remote Support Integration for Salesforce article).
    4. Click Save.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022