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Task One: Setting Up an Ad Hoc Support Session

You can provide ad hoc support to Windows PCs.

Remember: An available seat is required to use the ad hoc support feature.

Start an ad hoc support session

Remember: Only a single ad hoc support session can be active at a time per user profile.
  1. In Central, click Ad Hoc Support.
  2. Enter the email address of the user receiving support.

    Step 1
    Figure 1. Step 1 Step 1
  3. Create a password.
    This is the password that you must enter when logging in to the user's computer once the ad hoc support session has been activated.

    Step 2
    Figure 2. Step 2 Step 2
    Important: Take note of this password, it will not be shown again.

    In Windows, the password is actually linked to a hidden Administrator account called LogMeInRemoteUser. This account is automatically removed when the session ends and the Support Session app is removed.

  4. Click Send email and prepare session.


    The instructions and deployment link are sent to the user.

Guide your customer through setting up their computer

Remember: You can learn more about your customer's experience in the Ad Hoc Support Step-by-Step Connection Guide.
  1. Wait for the user to download and run the Support Session app.
    User steps
  2. Provide the user with the security code.
    Important: Stay on this page and wait while the user's computer is set up for the session. Alternatively, make sure to take note of the security code before navigating to another page. It will not be shown again.
  3. Ask the user to enter the security code when prompted. The security code is required to pair the user's computer with your account.
    Tip: Is your user having trouble? See this article for tips: Ad Hoc Support Troubleshooting.

The session becomes activated once the user has entered the security code and the Support Session app has been set up.

Remember: A session is valid for 24 hours from the time of activation. During this period, the remote computer can be accessed any number of times from the Ad Hoc Support Sessions computer group on the Computers page.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022