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Ad Hoc Support Troubleshooting

Information to help you resolve common issues with LogMeIn Central ad hoc support.

My user reports that the session cannot start due to an invalid security code

User error message: Invalid security code

Possible reason Solution
The user entered a security code for a previous session or an incorrect one. Ensure that the user correctly enters the most recent security code.
The user installed a copy of the Support Session app for a previous, yet still unexpired session. On the Ad Hoc Support page, check the timestamp when the email containing the active deployment link was sent to the user. Ask the user to open the link from this email.

My user reports that the session has expired.

User error message: This instance of the Support Session has expired.

Possible reason Solution
The user clicked an old ad hoc support session link. Ask the user to click the activation link in the most recent email you sent.
More than 24 hours has passed since the session was activated. Create a new ad hoc support session.
You have manually ended the session by clicking End session now. Create a new ad hoc support session.

My user reports a Group Policy error.

User error message: The Group Policy you are subject to may have prevented the session from starting.

Possible reason Solution
You have created a password for logging in to the user's computer that does not conform to the requirements of the Group Policy to which the user is subject. Create a new ad hoc support session with a password that meets the requirements.
Tip: The most common restriction applies to password length. Create a password of at least 8 characters.

My user reports that a previous support session has not yet been completely closed.

User error message: A previous session has not yet been completely closed.

Possible reason Solution
The user is attempting to launch an already active session.

Another technician may be in an active support session. Ask the user to check the instructions email to see who initiated the session.

  • Another technician: Until the session is ended, you cannot provide support. Ask the user to contact their support provider.
  • You: The remote computer is accessible via ad hoc support. No further action is required.

My user reports that the host software is installed on the computer.

User error message: The host software is installed on this computer.

Possible reason Solution
The ad hoc support feature is intended for one-time remote access of computers that are not part of your account. Connect to the computer on the Computers page.
  • If the computer is not in your account, ask the user to turn to the person who installed the host software on their computer (their Master Account Holder).

I cannot launch new ad hoc support sessions.

Possible reason Solution
The maximum number of active support sessions has been reached for your company. A maximum of five support sessions can be active simultaneously per company. Try again later.
All Central seats are in use. Free up at least one Central seat to start a new support session.
Important: You may be able to free up seats assigned to active ad hoc sessions by deleting the computer in the Ad Hoc Support Sessions group under the Computers page. However, make absolutely sure that the computer you are deleting is not being actively supported. The Last online/Online since flags are useful indicators for determining session state.

I can no longer connect to the remote computer.

Possible reason Solution
Computer restart If you initiated the restart, wait for the computer to come online again.
Connectivity dropout Try connecting again in a few minutes. If the issue persists, contact the user to investigate.
Computer shutdown or disconnect The user may have inadvertently disconnected or shut down the computer. Ask the user to check the following:
  • The Support Session app is running and connected.
  • The computer is turned on.
  • The computer is connected to the internet.
Support Session app not running The user ended the ad hoc support session or closed the app.
  • If the session ended or the app was removed, create a new ad hoc support session.

The remote computer is connected to the internet, but it is inaccessible via ad hoc support.

The Support Session app may be actively blocked by the firewall on the remote computer. Ask the user to allowlist the app in their firewall configuration to be able to provide remote support.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022