Task Two: Conducting an Ad Hoc Support Session

    Remember: An available seat is required to use the ad hoc support feature.

    Once an ad hoc support session is activated, the remote computer paired with your account can be accessed for 24 hours via Remote Control, File Manager or the Dashboard any number of times from the Ad Hoc Support page.

    Tip: Active ad hoc support sessions are also displayed on the Computers page under the Ad Hoc Support Sessions computer group.
    1. Select a method to connect to the remote computer.
      Option Description
      Access the remote computer. See Remote Control.
      Transfer files between computers. See File Manager.
      Remember: A Plus or Premier subscription is required to use this feature.
      Manage the remote computer. See Dashboard.
      Remember: A Plus or Premier subscription is required to use this feature.
    2. Enter the password you created in Step 2 as part of the ad hoc support session setup (Step 2).

      Tip: Select Initiate Chat with User after login. to immediately start a conversation with the user once connected.


      You are now connected to the remote computer.

    To terminate the session, click End session now on the Ad Hoc Support page in Central.

    • Ending a remote connection via the File Manager, Remote Control or the Dashboard does not terminate the support session.
    • Sessions are active for 24 hours. After this period, the session is automatically terminated and the temporary host is removed from the remote computer. To access the computer again via ad hoc support, you must start a new session.
    Tip: Having issues? See Ad Hoc Support Troubleshooting.