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Browser support for RemotelyAnywhere ends in Internet Explorer 11

    On June 15, 2022, Microsoft ends support for the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app and removes it from the latest Windows versions. Since the browser version of RemotelyAnywhere requires Internet Explorer, a few changes were implemented so that you can continue using our product - from a desktop application, called Network Console.

    Who will be affected?

    Customers using the following Windows versions will not be able to use RemotelyAnywhere in Internet Explorer 11:

    • Windows 10 Semi Annual Channel
    • Windows 11
      Important: Customers on earlier Windows versions can use RemotelyAnywhere from Internet Explorer 11 even after June 15, 2022. Those customers who are on one of the above-mentioned operating systems and use Microsoft Edge in IE11 Compatibility Mode will also be able to use RemotelyAnywhere.

    Customers already using Network Console - which has been an alternative to the browser version for years - will not be affected at all.

    What will users experience when the change occurs?

    The following features will only be available in the Network Console application:

    • Remote Control
    • File Manager
    • Chat
    • Command Prompt
    • Performance Viewer
    • Support for the latest version of OpenSSL 1.1.1.

    At the same time, the following features will be completely retired:

    • NTLM authentication
    • Access to your Central and Pro hosts through Network Console

    What if users do not switch to Network Console?

    For customers on Windows 10 Semi Annual Channel and Windows 11, we highly recommend using Network Console instead of the browser version as soon as possible. However, on these two Windows versions you may still want to use RemotelyAnywhere from your browser even after June 15, 2022. In this case, your user experience will be similar to using RemotelyAnywhere from unsupported browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome meaning the following:

    • Remote Control will be unresponsive
    • File Manager and chat will not be available

    Will the installation of Network Console change in any way?

    No. The default download and installation process will not change. See RemotelyAnywhere Default Installation.

    From where can you download the latest version of Network Console?

    Are there any changes in system requirements?

    System requirements are not impacted by this change.

    Will license activation change?

    Yes. Using Network Console no longer requires a separate license.

    What changes should users perform on their end?

    Users should download and install the latest version of both Remotely Anywhere and Network Console if the client computer is running on Windows 10 "Semi Annual Channel" or Windows 11. There are no additional changes necessary.

    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022