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Specifying Permissions for Users and User Groups in your Account

    Specify what permissions users and user groups have when accessing hosts in your account.

    For information on adding users, see How to Add Users to Your Account.

    Watch this video on user permissions:

    1. Files, you can grant access to files and folders stored in your account using the Files for LogMeIn feature. For more information, see Files for LogMeIn: Storage for your files and folders.
      Permission Description
      All files and folders in my account Grant access to all files and folders stored in your account. This allows the user to read, modify, and delete your files and folders.
      None Do not allow the user to access the Files feature. None of your data stored in Files is made available unless you choose to share a link.
      Only specific folders To grant access to specific folders, go to the Files page and click Share folder for any folder. You can choose to either share a link that gives anyone read-only access to the folder or you can invite users who will be able to read, modify, or delete items in the folder.
      Remember: You cannot invite users to individual files. Individual files can only be shared via link – meaning you can either share a file with anyone who has the link or with nobody at all.
    2. Group/Computer Permission.
      Permission Description
      Group settings apply Allow users to access all computers made available to members of the assigned User Group.
      Note: Group settings apply is not visible when editing permissions for a group.
      Access all computers in the account Allow users to access all computers in the account.
      Specify the groups and computers the selected user can access Select an entire group by selecting the box next to the name in the left pane.
      Important: Computers can be reassigned, or moved, from one group to another. If moved, a computer may become inaccessible to some users.
    Article last updated: 12 December, 2022