How to Add Users to Your LogMeIn Account

Invite others to access computers in your LogMeIn account.

Any LogMeIn Pro account holder (subscriber) can add users to their account.
  1. Go to www.LogMeIn
  2. On the left menu, click Users > Manage.

    Result: The Users page is displayed.

  3. Click Invite.

    Result: The Invite users to access your computers page is displayed.

  4. Enter the Email address of each user you want to invite.

    The address will be used to log in at

    Tip: Anyone with an email address can be added as a user. A LogMeIn account is not required in advance.

  5. Click Send Invitation.

    You can view the invitation email by clicking Preview Invitation Email.

The invited users are sent an invitation email. They must open the invitation and click the invitation link. Any invitee who is not yet a LogMeIn user will be prompted to create a LogMeIn account. Any invitee who is already a LogMeIn user will have a new profile added to his existing LogMeIn account: User of [your "Company Name"].