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Detail View

    Try Detail view for a good balance between the graphic quality of Tile view and practicality of List view.

    Tip: We recommend using the Detail View as your default view.

    Figure 1. Detail view

    Customize available columns

    Click the column selector in the header bar to view a list of available columns.

    Shows the status of Windows features on your hosts, including Windows Updates and Anti-virus. Hover your mouse over the icon to see the updates.

    Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

    Shows which state the computer is in:
    • Offline
    • In Session
    • Available
    Click these icons to take remote control of the host.
    The Computer Description given when the host is installed. Click the Computer Description to control the host.
    The version number of the Host software installed on the host. Click the version number to install the most up to date version of the LogMeIn Control Panel software on the host.
    Direct Connect
    • Take Remote Control of the host
    • Enter File Manager
    • Enter the Dashboard . For more information on the Dashboard, see Using the client Dashboard.
    Last Online
    Shows the last time and date when the host was online.
    Add information about the host. Character limit: 500
    Shows the status of Windows Updates on the host machine.

    Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

    Shows the status of Anti-virus software on the machine. For more information, see Viewing Anti-virus Status and Details.
    Shows an indicator of unacknowledged alerts on a host.
    Takes you to the Host Properties screen.
    Takes you to the Host Properties > Computer inventory section to run an Inventory on a single host.

    Direct to Remote Control

    Click a computer name to go directly to remote control. Control-click or middle-click to open the session in a new browser tab.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022