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Manage Companies

    Learn about creating, editing, and setting up companies in GoToAssist Service Center.

    Companies are the sets of users for whom you provide services to (i.e., your clients). Setting up distinct companies for each different organization you support allows you to organize your customers, which is helpful if you have multiple clients or offices. Once a company is created, customers can be added as employees of that company. Companies can be used to represent a wide array of sub-organizations, such as separate corporations that you assist, different departments within an organization or even different locations of the same office.

    Create a new company

    This feature is available to account administrators only.

    1. Go to Configure > Companies.

    2. Click Create New Company.

    3. On the New Company page, enter the following: 

    • Name & Email Address – Enter the company's name, email address and website.
    • Avatar – Click Change to upload a photo, icon or logo to represent this company. This avatar will appear within Service Desk records affiliated with this company.

    You can upload any image size, but for the best quality it should be a .GIF, .JPG or .PNG file at least 61 x 61 pixels. It will be scaled down automatically.

    • Additional Details – Click to add additional contact information and any notes.

    4. Click Save to continue.

    5. New tabs at the top of the page will provide additional settings and options for configuring the group. See the following sections for more information and next steps: 

    Specify a company's service access

    This feature is available to account administrators only.

    Use the Services tab to select the service access that should given to the company's employees (e.g., specify which services a company's employees should and shouldn't be able to access). Any service can be made available to the employees of any company using the following roles:

    • Permitted – This will allow all the employees assigned to a company to access the selected service.
    • Default Access – If an employee self-registers using the Customer Portal, they will be granted access to this service by default. More than 1 service may be selected.
    • No Access – The company and its employees will be restricted from accessing the selected service.
    Note:  If you want customers to be able to self-register for the company portal, you must select at least 1 service that customers will be granted default access to.

    Assign employees to a company

    This feature is available to account administrators only.

    Use the Employees tab to create a list of company employees.

    Employees are users and admins who are affiliated with a specific company. Employees can be manually added to companies, or Service Desk can automatically sort new customers into the appropriate companies using their email domains. Employees can only be assigned to one company at a time.

    See Manage Employees for more information.

    Enable employee self-registration

    This feature is available to account administrators only.

    If self-registration is enabled for an account, then automatic employee registration can also be set up.

    When automatic employee registration is enabled, Service Desk checks each new customer added to the account to see if their email address uses the company's accepted domain (which is specified during set up). All customers whose email addresses use the specified domain are then automatically added to that company's employees list (in addition to being added as customers). Customers can be marked as employees of up to 1 company.

    See Manage Employees for more information.

    View incidents for the company

    The Incidents tab provides a high-level view of the open and recently closed incidents that are assigned to services that the company has access to (i.e., incidents affiliated with the company).

    Edit a company

    This feature is available to account administrators only.

    1. Go to Configure > Companies > [select company].

    2. Make the desired modifications.

    3. Click Save after finished with each tab.

    Delete a company

    Note: This feature is available to account administrators only. Once deleted, the data will no longer be accessible within your account, however, the data remains stored within our system.

    1. Go to Configure > Companies > [select company].

    2. At the bottom of each tab, click Delete Company.

    3. Click OK when prompted to delete the company.


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    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022