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Third-Party Provider IP Rangers for Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing Services

Allowlisting by IP ranges instead of domain names for the firewall configuration is discouraged unless absolutely necessary because our IP ranges and those of our third-party provider networks need to be periodically audited and modified. These changes are necessary to continue to provide the maximum performance for our LogMeIn products.

Important: Please note that these IP Ranges only apply to the GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and GoToMyPC services.

Below is a sub-set of the AWS IP ranges that we use for audio, video, and screen sharing services in our standard operating conditions. In the event of maintenance or failover, this sub-set of AWS IPs may be increased or modified to accommodate changing operational needs. For this reason, we strongly recommend allowlisting the entire list of AWS IP ranges - which includes any AWS IPs that may be used to fall back on during these events, as well as the following sub-set:




Article last updated: 27 March, 2023