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Security Center

The Security Center enables you to configure all your security settings.

Accessing the Security Center

  1. Log in to
  2. Select My Computers on the left.
  3. Select Security Center.

Security features

  • Password strength - You can update and elevate the security of your password here. We suggest using a combination of lower case, upper case, numeric and special characters at a length of at least 8 characters.
  • Two-factor authentication - GoToMyPC users can set an additional layer of security based on a two-factor authentication method. The two-factor authentication method is based on something you know (e.g., a password) and something you have (e.g., a code sent via text message), providing a more robust level of user authentication. GoToMyPC supports LastPass Authenticator.
    Note: Other authentication options are only visible for existing users who opted for using them.
  • GoTo Antivirus - GoTo Antivirus uses a Bitdefender engine to get real-time information to proactively identify and protect against unique, sophisticated threats.
  • Lock on connect/ disconnect - Automatically locks the host computer when you start or end your GoToMyPC connection.
  • Remote keyboard and mouse lock - Prevent others from using your host mouse or keyboard while you are remotely connected. If you are inputting opposite keys (e.g., caps lock is on when it is disabled on your client keyboard), you should lock your host keyboard and mouse.
  • Blank screen - Turn the entire screen of the unattended host computer green or black while you are remotely connected. Note that hardware limitations with your video card may prevent screen blanking on multiple monitors.
  • Viewer Security Time-Out - Set the amount of inactivity time before the Viewer disconnects.

The Security Center widget calculates your security score based on your security settings. The more paramount security is for you, the higher score you get.

Article last updated: 11 January, 2023