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How do I run session diagnostics?

You can run session diagnostics to test your internet speed, memory, and CPU usage. In order to run diagnostics, the Host and Viewer's IP addresses need to be shared with M-Labs.

Please make sure your network admin has allowed * See What are the optimal firewall configurations for GoToMyPC? for a full list.

  1. In the GoToMyPC Viewer, click Show Diagnostics (Windows) or the Arrows icon (Mac) in the top menu.
  2. If this is your first time running diagnostics, you'll need to allow IP address sharing. Click Yes when prompted. Please note that this is a one-time step. Once granted, you will not need to allow sharing again unless you run diagnostics from a different computer.
  3. The Summary tab displays the following.
    • Internet upload speed
    • Internet download speed
    • CPU usage
    • Available memory
  4. The Statistics tab displays the following.
    • Host computer's ISP performance
    • Client computer's ISP performance

Article last updated: 17 March, 2023