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How do I optimize my GoToMyPC performance?

The speed of your session will depend on various factors, including type of OS, browser and Internet connection for both computers. Even if you have high-speed Internet, traffic on your internet service provider (e.g., Charter Communications, etc.) can affect your session. System resources and programs using internet bandwidth can also affect the performance speed. If your system meets the minimum requirements but you are still experiencing a lag in performance, follow the steps below to improve performance.

Improve your GoToMyPC performance

  • Run session diagnostics - You can run diagnostics during an active GoToMyPC session to get more information on internet speed, available memory, and CPU usage. Learn more
  • Reduce the screen resolution - GoToMyPC detects differences between the screens and redraws them to show updates.
    • If you are on a high-resolution display, reduce the resolution to a lesser value (e.g., 800x600) by navigating to Windows menu > Settings > Display > Display resolution.
    • For more information on improving quality, see Quality Preferences.
  • Plain background – If you are on a computer with a high-res wallpaper picture, change it to a plain background during your GoToMyPC session.
    • Right-click on your background, select Personalize, then select Background, and choose your background color.

  • Free up internet bandwidth - You may have programs running in the background that are connected to the internet. Close any applications that take up bandwidth such as chat programs or online radio stations.
  • Free up memory - It's best practice to close programs that are not actively being used. A lack of system resources can slow down the speed and performance. If you are on an older operating system, reboot the host computer to clear and release memory.
  • Improvement internet speed - Your internet service provider (ISP) may have a slow upload speed but a fast download speed. You should have a minimum of 10 MBps upload and download speed on both sides for an optimal connection. If your host computer is connected to the internet by a cable (instead of a wireless router), check with your provider to have your upload speed increased.
  • Lower CPU usage - Too many running applications can strain your computer's central processing unit (CPU). Open the Task Manager (Windows) or Utilities (Mac) and end processes you don't need.
Article last updated: 21 September, 2023