How to View or Change Billing Information

LogMeIn account holders use the Billing page to view and edit contact and billing information for their LogMeIn account.

To access the Billing page, log in to LogMeIn and click Settings at the top of the page, and then select Billing.

Fields are grey? Can't make edits? Only account holders can edit information on the Billing page. For example, when your active profile is called "User of Xxxx" you won't be able to edit billing information.

Tip: The name in the Company Name field in the Contact Information section is used to define the profile name of your LogMeIn account. Other users will see this Company Name listed as part of the profile they use to access shared resources in your account.

Billing history?

Fastpath: Settings > Billing > Billing History

Only account holders can view Billing History.

Copy of your invoice?

Fastpath: Settings > Billing > Billing History > Print Receipt

Only account holders can print a receipt.