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How to modify or cancel your subscription

To avoid disruption to your service, you must purchase a subscription before the end of your trial.

To cancel a trial

To cancel your trial, simply wait for it to expire. No action is required unless you paid for a monthly or annual subscription during the trial period.
Remember: Unless you gave credit card information to GoTo during your trial or at some point purchased a subscription, there is no need to cancel or delete your account.

To modify or cancel a subscription

To cancel your Pro account or change the auto-renewal status of your account, please select Contact Support in this article. Our Customer Care Team will be happy to help you. Online cancellation is not available for Pro at this time. To downgrade your subscription, you would also need to contact support.

Note: We are GDPR Compliant – ask a Customer Care rep how you can enable data privacy by deleting your account.

Why don't you get a direct phone number?

Depending on your country or region, we offer different phone support numbers. To make sure that you get the right number, we need you to select your country first on the Contact Support form.

Article last updated: 19 October, 2022